Potential new members to our Naturist Spa Club

are always welcome!



These are private club sessions for members but we do welcome those interested

in joining us on a try it and see basis whenever we can.

For the benefit of all and to run a happy and balanced Club 

we maintain a balance of the sexes and operate a Waiting List for new applicants

if the mix would otherwise be overly male or female.

We cannot guarantee membership as a result.


If you would like to join us at this naturist friendly facility

please contact our session organiser

by e-mail at



for further details

or click the button below to:


If you are contacting us actually on a Club day (ie.1st and 3rd Sundays of the month)

could you please do this before 12noon for that day as this will give us

time to reply to your message and add you onto the guest list.

Please note that this is not always every fortnight as there are five Sundays in some months


The emphasis of our sessions is on enjoyment and ease.

Just bring:

  • A towel and shampoo for the shower at the end of the session

  • A thinner travel type towel to sit on in the Saunas and Steam Rooms,
    and also in the lounge areas and Coffee Shop

  • A water bottle to hydrate again after the Sauna.


Please note that these sessions are not clothes optional. Natural nakedness

is expected throughout.


Current fees are £15.00 per person

or £14.50 for holders of a Leisure World Card

which can be obtained free of charge online from Leisure World by clicking on the button below






or can be obtained in person from the main Leisure World reception next door.

Loyalty Points can be earned on the card for entry and cafe purchases too.

Naturist Spa Club
at Aqua Springs, Leisure World, Colchester​​, Essex CO1 1YH
Email            naturistspaclubcolchester@gmail.com
© naturist spa club
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