naturist spa club
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Naturist Spa Club
Naturist Spa Club

Naturist Spa Club 

Located at:

Aqua Springs at Leisure World

Cowdray Avenue






The Naturist Spa Club which has operated at the beautiful Mediterranean village themed Aqua Springs for an amazing 28 years on the first and third Sundays of every month from 18:15 to 20:45 is enjoyed by members who prefer to use a sauna and spa facility in the natural naked state. 


There is a wide range of different facilities to choose from when you visit Aqua Springs including:


Main Spa Pool A central jacuzzi pool with hundreds of fine water jets which gently massage the entire body to ease away muscle tension. This pool can easily hold 20 people.

Saunas Unwind and relax the mind and body in one of our two saunas of different heat and humidity and experience the sensation of clean, fresh skin. A very different experience as a naturist. This is a good place to chat to other naturists or simply to soak up the heat. These saunas have recently been refurbished and offer a comfortable place in which to unwind. The larger and lower temperature sauna can hold about 20 people on two hardwood bench levels so there's plenty of space. The hotter sauna holds maybe 10 people maximum. 

Steam Room A new Steam Room combines high temperature and 100% humidity. This is complemented by a fragrant essence increasing blood circulation, relaxing tense muscles and many other therapeutic benefits. This room can hold about 18 people comfortably. 


Salt Inhalation Room The beneficial quality of the "softer" heat in the Salt Inhalation Room is good for alleviating respiratory and sinus problems. It is also beneficial for hydrating and smoothing the skin. This larger steam room can hold at least 20 people.

Hydrotherapy Spas Let the Hydrotherapy Spa rejuvenate and invigorate your whole body, the jets of combined air and water relieving and soothing aches and pains. The adjacent pool has a 'volcano' effect jet of water, perfect for developing your balance lying over the top!


Cool Pool & Ice Cold Plunge Experience an intense feeling of wellbeing.  Revitalise with a swim in the Cool Pool or a quick dip in the Ice Cold Plunge, boosting the cardiovascular system and sealing pores. There is nothing like swimming naked!


Monsoon Shower Alongside the new Steam Room, experience the exhilarating features of the Monsoon shower. Maybe alternating hot and cold water after using the sauna or steam rooms. There are also other showers alongside, and a cold water bucket challenge to invigorate your body.


Aromatherapy Room This room is less intense in temperature and humidity with a calming sensation brought about by the diffusion of essential oils into the air. With coloured LED mood lighting, fully tiled and heated walls and benches it is the perfect rest from any of the other facilities.

Lounge Area Alongside the cool pool on a higher level and under a pergola 'roof' is a lounge area with relaxing sun loungers for a calming rest possibly after the saunas. There are magazines available for reading. Just remember your towel.

Coffee Shop The Coffee Shop open until 8pm is available with seating around the large main jacuzzi stocks a large selection of drinks including tea, coffees (including latte, cappuccino, espresso, macchiato, mocha), hot chocolate, frappes, smoothies, water, milk and soft drinks. There are also jacket potatoes, sandwiches, wraps, paninis, cake and fruit available to purchase. Use your Leisure World card and you can also build up points towards future purchases. The seating area is adjacent to the Lounge Area so newspapers and magazines are also available here for relaxation.

Changing Rooms Naturists have the chance to use two large changing areas with showers in both ie. the changing rooms are Unisex.


The Spa which is not dissimilar to a Roman Villa is very appropriate really for naturists! It is a wonderful place to relax...unwind...chill with friends...and reinvigorate the body. 


Join with other naturists on a Sunday evening to unwind from the weekend just gone or rejuvenate for the week to come. 

Many of our members have been coming to this well run and well kept Spa for over 25 years, testament to just how good it is. Join us and see what you've been missing!